Sura: Thai Urban Kitchen

2656 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

Sura is a Thai/fusion style restaurant. The thing that drew me into here was the happy hour special. They had a choice of one of four entrees for $6 and sangria or draught beer for $4. Ten dollars for food and booze? Yes, please!

My boyfriend and I split the Thai Coconut Boston Lettuce Cup appetizer and each got an order of Pad Thai and a drink. The appetizer was unique and interesting but held to traditional Thai flavors. It featured fish sauce, lime juice, peanut, and a little bit of sugar over toasted coconut flakes in a cup of Boston lettuce. I thought the flavors were great, but the appetizer was a little difficult to eat because the coconut flakes would fall out of the lettuce cup as you bit into it. The presentation as a finger food is more traditional for Thai cuisine, so I appreciated this aspect of the dish. I don't know if I would have gotten the appropriate mix of flavors if I had tried to eat the cups with a fork. I also got the Shrimp Pad Thai. The portion size was reasonable. Many restaurants give huge portions of greasy noodles, but the grease factor in this pad thai wasn't too bad. The sweet and sour flavors were well balanced, good amount of peanuts. Overall, a good and traditional pad thai. My sangria was excellent. It had lychee juice, lychee, coconut meat, apple, grapes, and melon. I thought the lychee juice was really good with the red wine and helped to make the sangria more appropriate for Thai cuisine.

The ambiance was clean and modern. I really enjoyed the decor. It wasn't completely golden traditional Thai statuettes and mini architectural things. I was totally satisfied with my experience at this restaurant and would recommend it to anyone, especially if it's happy hour.


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