Driving at Night

So, our Spring Break trip was concluded several weeks ago, but I thought I would say a little about road trips and driving at night. While road trips and company are definitely fun and relaxing, I had no idea how much I would enjoy driving back to New York alone at night. Night time driving is a different beast. I really appreciated being able to blast music as loudly as I wanted in order to keep myself engaged and awake. Maxx is really great in the car and pretty much just slept the whole time. We took a few stops to stretch our legs and walk around. We were stuck in traffic in New Jersey for over two hours. The stopping and starting really interfered with Maxx's sleeping and probably confused him for a bit. But somehow, the freedom to do the drive as I wanted to with no concern for someone else made the whole thing bearable. It was refreshing to again be in the glass and steel bubble that is a car and have the experience to myself. I probably would not have appreciated it as much if I drove a car regularly.


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