Bakesale Betty

5098 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609

Bakesale Betty is an awesome bakery in Oakland on Telegraph Avenue. They are known for their fried chicken sandwiches and their strawberry shortcake. The founder worked at Chez Panisse for three years. The line goes around the block, and it is worth the wait. Anyways, I did try both the fried chicken sandwich and the strawberry shortcake. The fried chicken sandwich comes on freshly baked bread (always a good sign) with cole slaw. The cole slaw is not the traditional mayonnaise slathered mess. It has a more vinegary base and is slightly spicy, which goes well with the heaviness of the fried chicken. They balanced each other very well. I am half Asian and Texan, so I really enjoyed the spiciness. I was with some New Yorkers, and the spiciness did bother them a little bit. I would say if you have a mild tolerance for spicy foods, you should be fine. As for the strawberry shortcake, I never really liked strawberry shortcake, and I loved this one. The shortcake isn't the usual sweet pound cake. It is cornmeal based and not too sweet, which complements the perfectly macerated berries and whipped cream nicely. I thought there was too much whipped cream, but to each his own. They also offered a variety of cookies and pastries, which I did not have room to try. I would definitely go here again and take people who were visiting the Bay Area for the first time.


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