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Seared Caesar Salad with Blackberries and Pepitas

Grilled Caesar salads are very in right now.  The first one I tasted was at Flatbush Farm in Brooklyn.  It is a dish that combines three of my eating goals: foods that taste good, foods that help you poop, and foods cooked with fire (which is actually a sub-category of foods that taste good).  While most people would agree everything tastes better grilled, most people also don't whip out the grill for a quick weeknight meal.  I own a charcoal grill, which commits me to at least an hour of figuring out every single thing in my house that I have that I can throw on the grill while the coals are still hot in order to maximize their utility.

One thing I do own which I am never hesitant to pull out for a quick meal is my cast iron griddle.  I had made kale Caesar salad before with kale from my garden and this recipe with some adaptations, so I made the same dressing and sliced some Romaine hearts longitudinally.  The changes I made to the salad dressing were to use anchovy paste instea…

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