There's a first time for everything, or third time's a charm.

Max looks innocent when faced with his handiwork

After today's rain, I decided to go on a run with Max in the park. It's our third time running together, and he loves it. He got excited as we were crossing the street in front of the Brooklyn Public Library. Each run, we've been getting better and better. He spends more time running perfectly behind me and to the side. I am able to run farther before taking a break. Today, we did most of the Prospect Park circuit. I would say we ran about 3 miles. It's been a balance between Max's obedience and my physical ability. Now I think we're to the point where it's mostly his obedience. While he spent a good amount of time running like an angel, he did cause a little incident at the Bandshell. For some reason, he always goes a little crazy in this spot. Today, on our third run, was the first time he tripped me. That's right, my dog made me eat shit. Luckily, things weren't that bad, and we had a pretty good run besides this little incident. I may have to start walking in front of the bandshell. A small scrape is a good way to call in the spring.
Better shot of the damage


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