City Dog, Country Dog

So this week is Max's first trip out of the state of New York. I would say it's his first journey out of New York City, but he's been to Westchester. We are staying at my dad's house in lovely and historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. I wasn't sure what to expect since my dad has a pug (Frank). I've actually been quite shocked at how well the dogs get along, and how well my family gets along with my dog. Call me old fashioned, but I generally don't expect country folk to be gushing over a pitbull, even if he is mixed with some breed that is awesome at cuddling and spooning. He has actually taken to the country quite well. He loves being let off leash to run and relieve himself in the yard. He still enjoys his walks. Making efforts to train him while in the city have definitely paid off for his country behavior as well. In Brooklyn, he must behave during walks because of traffic, other dogs, and pedestrians. In Fredericksburg, we are generally alone, but he can show that rare country dog how to act like a gentleman when we come across one. I've noticed that the country dogs show much more dog aggression than the city dogs, probably because they aren't forced to interact with others on a daily basis. Max has also been great with Frank. I know that pitbulls don't always get along well with others. Frank is several years older than Max too. However, Max is still a puppy at heart and runs away when Frank growls at him for getting too close. They both will chase the same toys in the yard and definitely team up to beg for food. The only thing they won't do together is sleep on the same couch. I'm hoping by the end of the week, they'll overcome that barrier. I actually enjoy traveling with the dog because taking him on walks allows me to see the sights at a slower pace and really enjoy the atmosphere. I have not been using our play time in the yard as a replacement for walking. I view our walks as a time to reinforce our training and owner-dog relationship. I don't know if it's the air, or the change of scenery, or the attention, but Maxx is definitely enjoying his first vacation away from NYC.

Maxx running freely


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