Freezer Croissant Verdict

So, I toasted and thawed all of the croissants in my freezer. I rebake them in the toaster oven at around 250 degrees. It isn't an exact science. The results are in:

Regular croissants: I was surprised, but the baked ones reheat better than the raw ones! The raw ones were perfectly toasted on the outside, but then steamy and slightly gooey on the inside. They take longer to bake than the already baked frozen croissants. Duh. They were still delicious. The moral of the story is bake all of your croissants.

Almond croissants: Pre-baked all of the way. I actually like the frozen pre-baked almond croissants slightly more than the freshly baked almond croissants. Because the filling is frozen when you pop it into the toaster oven, more of it stays inside of the croissant. Yes! The post-baked almond croissants were fine, but I found that they were dryer and got a little burnt on the outside.

The FINAL final verdict: croissants are delicious. I may keep a constant supply of almond croissants, since they make a quick breakfast when I'm out of yogurt.


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