Taking a Different Way Home

Last night, Maxx and I decided to walk a friend to the train station as part of our evening walk. In New York City, sometimes it's worth it to walk a mile to the desired subway line instead of taking one train (sometimes into Manhattan) just to switch to another train going back into Brooklyn. Especially at night when the trains aren't running as often. As we walked home, we took Underhill south from Atlantic. We usually don't walk this far up Underhill, as our usual 1.5 mile route includes Vanderbilt and Washington. On our way back, we passed by a dumpster full of goodies. It must be behind a uniform making store or something, because we found tons of different patches and bolts of unused fabric. It titillated my former costumer. If I wasn't so busy with medical school or hadn't been using one of my hands to walk the dog, I may have brought home some fabric for crafting purposes. If it hadn't been raining today, I might have made a second trip back to said dumpster to re-peruse some of its treasures. This is the humble bounty I brought back with me.


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