They make it look so easy!

So, I've been in medical school for two months. And it just dawned on me: doctors make it look so easy! I feel like I am cramming my head full of information at almost every waking moment, and I still don't have an appreciable portion of information that could help me save your life.

I had a huge kitchen experimentation fail with the October issue of Bon Appetite. I tried their root vegetable tagine, and it was an epic fail. However, my sweetheart and I came up with some potential fixes, so I feel more encouraged. My birthday is in two weeks, and for that, I will be cooking up a storm. One of the cardinal rules of entertaining that I habitually break is to not try out new recipes on guests. I just can't help myself! This is really one of the most exciting things to happen to me since I started school. I really just want an excuse to cook mass quantities of food for friends, new and old.


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